MathML in Chromium

MathML Conference 2020 (20 Jan 2020)

Igalia will organize the MathML Conference 2020.

Igalia Chats with Neil Soiffer on MathML (03 Dec 2019)

Igalia’s Brian Kardell sat down with Neil Soiffer, long time MathML advocate and chair of the current MathML Refresh Community Group to chat about MathML, it’s history, challenges and what’s next.

MathML in Chromium: Upstream process started (31 Oct 2019)

Igalia completed preparation phases and is ready to upstream patches

MathML and Browsers (28 Aug 2019)

A review of browsers, web engines and native MathML implementations

MathML in Chromium: Project status after one semester (25 Jul 2019)

Igalia team has almost completed the initial implementation.

MathML in Chromium: Igalia is making good progress! (03 May 2019)

Igalia has made good progress on the implementation roadmap since the beginning of the project.

BlinkOn 10 (08 Apr 2019)

Igalia will give an update on MathML at BlinkOn 10

MathML in LayoutNG, BlinkOn 10
Front slide of the MathML talk as rendered in a chromium-mathml build

Launch of the MathML project (12 Feb 2019)

Igalia has begun implementing MathML in Chromium and working with others to improve interoperability.

NISO is sponsoring the implementation of MathML in Chromium (27 Nov 2018)

NISO has received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to support the implementation of MathML in Chromium.

NISO and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation logos
NISO and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation logos