MathML in Chromium

A fundraising campaign to add MathML support in Chromium

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MathML and Browsers (28 Aug 2019)

A review of browsers, web engines and native MathML implementations

MathML in Chromium: Project status after one semester (25 Jul 2019)

Igalia team has almost completed the initial implementation.

MathML in Chromium: Igalia is making good progress! (03 May 2019)

Igalia has made good progress on the implementation roadmap since the beginning of the project.

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Fundraising Project

Math contents today are well rendered in Firefox and WebKit-based browsers. We believe they will be greatly accessible once MathML gets implemented in the most widely used browser, Chrome, which accounts for 60% of market share in desktop and 85% of market share in mobile platforms. We are seeking funding from the STEM publishing industry and organizations from the education and scientific sector that would benefit from the MathML implementation in Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.

Why fund raising? MathML implementation requires a substantial development effort that requires a team of browser experts working for more than a year to ship the initial implementation. This is one of the main reasons why we think collective funding is a great initiative as it would mean enabling MathML in all open source browsers with partial investment from the beneficiary organization.


Screenshot of MathML rendered by Safari
Screenshot of MathML rendered by Safari

Why is MathML better than other solutions?

Overview of native MathML support: advantage and status
  • W3C recommendation and web-platform-tests coverage for the best interoperability.
  • Native implementation for efficient layout and automatic reflow.
  • No external resources required except for purely stylistic information.
  • Cross-compatible and high-quality rendering possible using TeX and OpenType MATH rules.
  • Visual rendering fully controlled by font and CSS styling.
  • Compatible with the other HTML5 technologies for best user and developer experience.
  • Formula content works well with browser UI: zooming, select, copy & paste, find text, etc.
  • Information properly exposed to assistive technologies.

Why trust Igalia to implement MathML in Chromium?

  • Uniquely capable of designing an implementation aligned with Google’s plans for Chromium.
  • Open source consultancy that specializes in ALL the open source browser technologies: WebKit, Chromium, Firefox, Servo.
  • One of the top contributors to WebKit and Chromium with extensive experience in standard implementation in browsers including CSS Grid Layout in Blink and WebKit, ECMAScript in JSC, V8 and SpiderMonkey, WebRTC, Web Crypto, Streams and Media source extensions in WebKit, full ARIA support in WebKit, CSS Clipping support in Servo, etc.
  • Igalia already has experience in implementing MathML in Firefox and WebKit.

Primary sponsor: NISO

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is the primary sponsor of this project through a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. They have shown a great support on the MathML in Chromium initiative and will be sponsoring the main part of the project.

We are very happy to have their support and we really hope more companies/organizations could join them to help us in the development of extra features, improvement of test coverage and interoperability, in addition to retake the work around MathML standard at W3C.

Join the effort and become sponsor so that everyone can benefit from the MathML standard!

Platinum (USD 20K)

  • Logo on the MathML in Chromium page
  • Subscription to internal project mailing list
  • Short bi-weekly report of activity
  • Final report of the project

Gold (USD 10K)

  • Logo on the MathML in Chromium page
  • Short bi-weekly report of activity
  • Final report of the project

Silver (USD 5K)

  • Logo on the MathML in Chromium page
  • Final report of the project

Bronze (USD 2K)

  • Small logo on the MathML in Chromium page
  • Final report of the project

We are happy to discuss other special sponsorship options if you are interested in contributing. Your interest and sponsorship can make MathML a reality in all open source web engines.

Want to become sponsor? Check out the detailed information!


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