MathML in Chromium

A fundraising campaign to add MathML support in Chromium

Latest News

MathML in Chromium: Upstream process started (31 Oct 2019)

Igalia completed preparation phases and is ready to upstream patches

MathML and Browsers (28 Aug 2019)

A review of browsers, web engines and native MathML implementations

MathML in Chromium: Project status after one semester (25 Jul 2019)

Igalia team has almost completed the initial implementation.

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Screenshot of MathML in different browsers
From top to bottom: MathML formula rendered by
Chromium (Igalia's build), Safari and Firefox

Why is MathML better than other solutions?

Overview of native MathML support: advantage and status
  • W3C recommendation and web-platform-tests coverage for the best interoperability.
  • Native implementation for efficient layout and automatic reflow.
  • No external resources required except for purely stylistic information.
  • Cross-compatible and high-quality rendering possible using TeX and OpenType MATH rules.
  • Visual rendering fully controlled by font and CSS styling.
  • Compatible with the other HTML5 technologies for best user and developer experience.
  • Formula content works well with browser UI: zooming, select, copy & paste, find text, etc.
  • Information properly exposed to assistive technologies.